HAIR JOURNEY x 1st month

Hey loves,
This will be my 1st month bald and I definitely have to say that I get a lot of looks and at first I didn’t like my hair but now I’m feeling myself! My head gets cold every day that is why I always keep this band on it. My hair has went from completely bald to long enough to pull it. My process started with cutting my hair with scissors, shaving it down to the shortest the clippers would take it, and finally I shaved my head with a razor. I’m not gonna lie after I shaves my head it felt like I had a alien in the back of my head or my brains were gonna fall out but that is just me being funny to keep my mind off it. My hair is growing in fast and darker than it was. I did make a wig and I have a blog post coming up about that! I took a long time but its an affordable wig so stay tuned for that.

Before I end this update I wanted to tell you a little story time. Before I made my wig I was trying to style my hair. Well I tried to part my hair and slick it down. I used gel, edge control, and hair spray. I would get the product in my hair than brush it down with a boar brush. After that I would use my hands or the back of the brush to lay it down all the way. I tied it up with my silk scarf and waited for about five minutes. Well I took off the scarf and it was all good for about 30 seconds. It slowly started to pop right back up! I was so mad I just washed it out of my hair and gave up! Moral of the story is that if your hair doesn’t just laydown after you brush it down just stop. I felt like alfalfa. I hope you are enjoying my hair journey so far! I love all the support! Please follow me on all my social media. Like, follow, comment, and share!





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