Valentines Day Look Book x sexy n sweet

Hello subbies,
Today Im giving you some ideas of what to wear if you have a date for valentines! I found everything off Pinterest. My Pinterest account info is down below don’t be afraid to pin some of my pins. So with this look book I have 3 sexy outfits and 3 sweet outfits! They are all poppin but don’t worry about that. My fav is the first one. If you would like to see this look book keep watching!


1. This first one is very sexy. If you want to be the only one he looks at this is your best bet. It shows a lot of skin and makes you look like the queen you are.
2. If you dare to be bold and stand out this is for you. This one shows a lot of skin do make sure your not ashy if you wear this.
3. This is sexy and comfortable. If you wanna look like a model and feel like your at home this is your best bet. #ComfyQueen



1. This says after I win your heart im going home! You just wanna be cute and chill. This is semi sexy! #ChillBae
2. This is a cute outfit and he might just call you his boo! You can pair this with some black shoes and gold accessories. #BabyGirl
3. This look is so fresh and you can stay warm while looking better than everybody! Denim and white pops out. #FreshMamii

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for my valentines day makeup look! Let me know wich look is your favorite. Also if you follow me on twitter @Anastasii_Co I will have a pole to see which one is your fav. Follow me on Pinterest @AnastasiiCosmetic


– And for the single ladies like me, Do you and have fun!


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