February Favs

Hey AC gang,
Today Im going to be showing you a few of my February favs, but before I do that I wanted to talk to you about why I didn’t post a blog on Friday. I just got put on a new birth control and my body is trying to get used to it and Im feeling sick! But I should be feeling better soon! I might look into making a few back up blogs just in case I get sick again! Lets get into my February favs!


1. Crème of nature perfect edges
I love this edge control because when I put this In my hair it lays it down perfectly!

2. Smooth’n shine polish curl activating mousse
This mouse is good for something else besides a curl activator. I use it to sleek down my cheap wig and I put it in my natural hair to lay it down.

3. Eco styling gel
This is the perfect hair gel.

4. Benefit gimme brow
I love this and will be buying more. If you want to just tint and tame your brows this is perfect! I also like to fill in my brows and then apply this over top!

5. Tree hut Shea sugar scrub
I love the mango one and it smells good enough to eat. It makes your skin so smooth!

6. Keratin complex infusion
This is good if you are trying to keep your hair healthy!

Most of these products are for the hair because im going threw a new hair journey and I need to test products out! Thanks for reading and please like, comment, follow, and share! Follow me on snapchat @ forxignbae



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